URBN culture 於2016年開幕,我們不僅經營餐廳及酒吧,也創造一個藝術空間開放展示藝術家朋友們的作品。

URBN 展覽空間計畫的建立,忠旨是希望讓更多人看見不同型態、風格的藝術創作,與不同的藝術家合作辦展並開放民眾參觀、購買、收藏。 我們計畫每個月定期舉辦不同的展覽主題,兩層樓的空間可規劃並容納各式藝術作品。



URBN Culture was opened in 2016 with the intent of not only being a restaurant and bar, but also a space to showcase the unique art and artists emerging around us. The project URBN Exhibits was established with the goal of bringing creative works in their various forms to the people. All are welcome to visit and explore our space, as we regularly show art, sell art and celebrate art. 

URBN Culture holds regular art exhibitions each month. With our large space and two floors we have the ability to curate exhibitions of different scales. We seek to work with artists who think outside the box and are confident in holding artist talks, workshops, live performances or presenting new ideas on how to use our space. URBN Exhibits is interested in working closely with each artist in order to create a month residency unique to them. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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