Daniel Miller

June 2018


藝術家Daniel Miller新作在URBN展覽空間!

Daniel Miller來自美國,在紐奧良花了四年的時間創造另類劇場藝術後,開始了他的藝術之旅。在日本和中國定居了一年,且和成都當地藝術家一同工作六個月,現在則旅居台灣,尋找其他藝術家們相互合作幫忙。

URBN Exhibits is excited to present new work by Daniel Miller.

Daniel Miller is an American artist. After spending four years in New Orleans creating an alternative theater, Daniel undertook a year of art residencies in China and Japan, and six months in Chengdu working with local performance art. Now, Daniel is living in Taiwan, independently searching for artists to collaborate with and trying to find a way to help. Daniel is interested in drawing, first and foremost, but also works in photography, performance, experimental music, animation and shibari. Daniel does pixel art animation for video games to make ends meet.