August 2018 

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Lawrence Keaty

藝術創作者簡介:柯岳豪,在上海成長。大學時就讀於美國Kenyon College,2008年取得藝術學士學位。同年得到聖路易市華盛頓大學Washington University in St. Louis藝術研究所的獎學金,並於2010年取得藝術碩士學位。曾旅居南澳洲,台灣,美國新墨西哥州,韓國釜山。現居於出生地台灣。柯岳豪的素描創作源自於他的親身體驗與所到之處,你可以在他的作品中看見十分清透樸質的情感與夢境般的文化再構。媒材不乏鉛筆素描、木雕版畫、微型雕塑、定格動畫。

Lawrence Keaty was born in Taipei and grew up in Shanghai. He received a BA from Kenyon College (2008) with a major in Studio Art and he earned his MFA from Washington University in St. Louis (2010). Since finishing school he has lived in South Australia, Taiwan, New Mexico, and Busan. Over the past ten years his artistic interests have spanned a wide variety of mediums and subjects. He has worked in stop motion animation, miniatures, pencil drawings, and woodblock prints. Many of his pieces are autobiographical and place bits of his own life into the realm of fantasy. Evident throughout his work is also a keen interest in nature.