APRIL 2019


來自南非的Johan Vosloo,是一熱愛自然的攝影師,目前居住於台灣高雄。他的攝影作品呈現世界各地的人文與自然之美,也曾於台灣與南非兩國的傳統與非傳統攝影平台展出。
「自然殿堂」(Nature’s Temples)是近期Vosloo於美國西部所拍攝的作品集,紀錄從雪白峰頂到赭色沙漠,如史詩般的壯麗景色。

Johan Vosloo is a South African photographer and nature enthusiast based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In his work, he captures the beauty of people, cultures, and landscapes from around the world. Vosloo has been exhibited in traditional and nontraditional platforms both in Taiwan and South Africa. Nature’s Temples is a collection of photos Vosloo had taken on a recent epic through snow capped mountains to rusted deserts across the American West.
Nature’s Temples captures a religion beyond traditions, philosophies, and ideologies that often restrict the free rivering of the mind. It allows us to observe on the grandest and on the smallest of scales the divinities of organic form.
In the inhale and exhale of seasons breathing, in the waves of furrowing sands over parched deserts, and in the deep scars on great mountain sides, Nature’s Temples envelops the weight of light and depth that will inevitably cease to happen again. These photos serve as a reminder of human kinds connection to the eternal wilderness.