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Bethany Ellington 在2012年畢業於維吉尼亞大學工作室藝術學及(西班牙語)系。


2017年的2月,Bethany 移居到台灣,她從腳踏車環島的體驗以及生活的經歷中得到了豐富的創作靈感,用她重拾的熱情創作了Taipei Noir系列作品紀錄這充實的兩年半。

Bethany Ellington graduated with degrees in Spanish and Studio Art from the University of Virginia in 2012. She spent the following three years living in Seoul, South Korea before taking off on a nine-month solo-bike tour around Asia and eventually landing her in New Zealand. She stayed a year in Auckland where she reclaimed her love of the arts by operating a community life drawing group, teaching weekend craft workshops, and participating in comic competitions. 

In February 2017, she moved to Taiwan where she developed the Taipei Noir ink painted series over the course of two and a half years. Taipei Noir combines the experience of her solo bike tour with her rediscovered love of creating art.