Alice Tams

March 2019



For Alice Tams's first solo exhibition in Taiwan, she focused on the birds and wildlife that makes Taiwan unique. The series of portraits feature only birds found in Taiwan, many of them endemic, wearing a range of hats seen around the island, from the popular night market fashions in Shida to traditional tea farming hats worn at Alishan. The exhibition ranges from small watercolour portraits to ambitiously large, hand-painted posters, all with a distinctly Taiwanese character.

這是 Alice Tams 首次在台灣展覽, 主要著重在台灣的大自然與鳥類的多元性。畫展中的鳥類,主要為台灣特有種搭配上一些在台灣常見的時尚,從師大的流行服飾到阿里山的民俗風情,打造出這一系列的獨一無二創意。從小張的水彩畫到非常大篇幅的手繪圖,都是Alice眼中不一樣的台灣。


Alice Tams is an illustrator and artist best known for her ever-growing series, Birds in Hats. She works in all kinds of mediums; paint, pencil crayons, inks, digitally... anything that will allow her to create a jazzy bird wearing a hat. Over her 7 year career as an illustrator, she has amassed a collection of illustrations well into the 400s and had her work sold and shown in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Alice Tams 是一位插畫家兼藝術家,以她日益增長的 Birds In Hats 系列作品聞名。她主要創作媒材有色鉛筆、水墨、細字筆、不透明水彩、壓克力顏料...以及任何能夠幫助他創造戴上帽子而奔放豔麗的鳥的媒介。在身為職業插畫家的七年間,她累積了至少400件以上的 Birds in Hats 系列插畫作品,在歐洲、亞洲、美洲及澳洲都能看見這些鳥兒的蹤影。

She is inspired by bold and colourful art; from Henri Rousseau to scientific illustrations in natural history archives to graffiti and street art. Anthropomorphism is a large part of her work, along with keen attention to craft, detail and a sense of humour. Ultimately, she aims to create work that will make people smile.