Jeannette Engelbrecht

January 2019

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這是安利亞女士首次在台灣舉辦個展。 自1988年起,於南非普利托里亞首間藝廊,開始其藝術家生涯,期間擔任不同新秀藝術家展覽之館長。曾在台灣加入多元的藝術展覽團體,以及南非開普敦的多項藝廊活動。目前有些許作品收藏於國際性的私人展覽中。安利亞女士畢業於南非普利托里亞大學,主修平面設計。

Cryptic Tales, an exhibition by Jeannette Engelbrecht, depends on active viewer participation. The story is not complete without the emotional response invoked in each individual, then interpreted through their own unique experience. Because each work contains a veiled mystery, Ms. Engelbrecht invites the viewer into her cryptic world. Her paintings begin as an incomplete idea which evolves as the work progresses. 

Jeannette Engelbrecht is a contemporary, realist artist who has lived and worked in Taiwan for the last 12 years. Her work is mainly in oil and ink, combining the Chinese style of 國畫 with traditional Western themes, as well as incorporating more modern influences.

Even though this is her first solo exhibition in Taiwan, in 1998, she began her career with her own art gallery in Pretoria, South Africa. Ms. Engelbrecht has also served as curator of various exhibitions focusing on young, emerging artists. During this time, she embarked on her own journey as an artist. She has participated in group art exhibitions in Taiwan and in various art galleries in Cape Town. She currently has pieces in international private collections. Ms. Engelbrecht studied graphic design at the University of Pretoria.