Rachelle Wunderink

September 2018


Rachelle Wunderink

創作者簡介 Rachelle Wunderink 在加拿大安大略省內的濱湖尼加拉瓜鎮長大,大半生都在鑽研與創作視覺藝術。她畢業於美國密西根州的私立大學,並取得藝術創作學士。 雖然她的主要媒介為繪畫,然而她也喜歡從事印花圖製,素描,與裝置藝術等創作。廣泛的興趣,讓她能透過不同的技巧,探索人生中多樣性主題。譬如說:解剖角度,成長經驗,解構風格,與身為女性的視角與體驗。 過去10年間,她在台美兩地,與超過20位藝術工作者,共同創辦了2個風格截然不同的工作坊,而她的作品,也被加拿大,美國,台灣,委內瑞拉,摩洛哥,愛爾蘭,與哥斯大黎加等地的媒體報導。 她目前旅居台北,除了籌備不同創作新計劃之外,她也喜歡用新買的鍋具下廚,同時在炙熱驕陽下,恣意搭捷運吹冷氣消暑。

Rachelle Wunderink, is originally from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, has been studying and creating art for most of her life. She attended a small private university in Michigan where she received her degree in Studio Art. Her primary focus is painting, but she also enjoys printmaking, drawing and installation art. Her interests take her through a variety of motifs dealing with anatomy, growth, deconstruction, and the female experience. Over the past 10 years she has co-founded two separate artist collectives with over 20 members; been featured in magazines; and created art in Canada, the US, Taiwan, Venezuela, Morocco, Ireland, and Costa Rica. She currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan where she is working on several new projects, cooking delicious meals with her new crockpot, and riding the subway to escape the heat.