NAT Murray

December 2018


Nat Murray

Originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada, I studied painting and graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, and have been living in Asia since 2002, and Taipei since 2008.

來自加拿大愛德華王子島,畢業於Nova Scotia College of Art & Design 藝術大學,從2002來到亞洲就一直住在亞洲,2008年開始定居台北。

I have been painting and drawing fervently almost the whole time I’ve been in Asia, taking inspiration from the environments and situations I have found myself in. 


This collection represents where I am right now, in my life, my study of painting - a general overview or introduction to myself. These pictures try to capture some of the joy, pain, hope, and humor that I have encountered along the way.

這一系列的作品主要呈現我目前的生活狀態,畫作中 - 是一個總體概述的自我介紹。