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November 2018


Erique Chong

張榮順是一名來自馬來西亞的藝術家。現在正在完成他的多媒體動畫藝術學系學士文憑。過去的他還沒來臺灣前是一名理科生,大部分的時間都是自學和自己隨意塗鴉。但是礙於不喜歡讀書所以決定讀藝術相關的。原本想要讀插畫相關的,但礙於經費問題,最後決定來臺灣讀動畫。如今他還在探索自己在這個領域的定位。他也很喜歡做一套個人一系列的作品如, FoToon。大多數的作品都很喜歡以非人類作爲主題或題材,同時也很喜歡把自己的作品帶到另一個平行的幻想世界。最喜歡的一句名言是畢卡索説的:” 所有你能想象的都是真實的 “。

Erique Chong is an artist from Malaysia. Currently pursuing his bachelor degree in Multimedia animation of arts in Taiwan. Two years ago before he came to Taiwan, he was a science student. Most of the time, he’s a self learner in illustrating and likes to doodle. However, he does not like to sit still and just read or study, so he decided to take art studies instead. Initially, his plan was to take illustration studies but due to financial problem, he picked Taiwan which is a more affordable country. He’s still exploring and discovering himself in this field. Also, he likes to do personal series of works like FoToon. Most of the themes are related to non-human and also imaginary world. One of his favourite quotes is from Pablo Picasso : “ Everything you can imagine is real ”.