Who are you and where are you from?

I’m an animation student, freelance illustrator and graphic designer, enthusiastic hiker from Malaysia.

Can you tell us a little about your work and the reasons behind it?

Most of the works are cartoons and creatures. I’m trying to bring the “kiddo” element and feeling into my drawing because i think it’s important to keep a room for your inner child. Especially after what I’ve experienced in these two years abroad. It’s more like reminding myself to think like a kid sometimes and also hope to remind the audience to not erase your inner child, save it, keep it and love it. Not only that, I like to listen how people interpret my drawings. Even though every piece has a message or story behind, but i enjoy listening people’s perspective more, that’s what make art more interesting, listen and observe how different brain works.

How do you think your childhood impacted your style?

I don’t have special nor dramatic childhood. Everything is just ordinary. I would say that i’m glad i was born before 21st century, an era where technology hasn’t conquer our childhood yet. An era where we’re still enjoying running on the ground barefoot and playing hide and seek. However, since none of my family members is involved with art, that makes me not thinking in a certain way when comes to art, which makes me think differently sometimes.

Can you tell us a bit about your workspace?

Unfortunately i don’t have a studio, yet. However, most of the time my workspace is school’s computer lab because they have pretty good facilities. As long as i have my sketchbook and pencil, anywhere can be my workspace. I really enjoy working on my draft and sketch on the floor though!

Do you listen to anything while you’re working, and if so, what?

Any kind of music that makes me feel energetic. Of course, if i’m working on a sad themed drawing, i’ll listen to sad music. Sometimes, i’ll listen to TV shows instead of music only.

How do you approach the creative process? (Talk us through how you construct a piece? Do have a concrete idea of what it will look like before you get started? What type of reference do you use?)

First, i’ll come up with a theme OR a layout. Then, i’ll try to construct and make up a story for the theme and apply a layout that fits the theme and story. Once i know what kind of story i want to draw, i’ll start making drafts and drawing sketches until i get what i want ( sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes it takes a few weeks to get the final idea ). When i’m not with my papers and pencils, i’ll construct my idea in my brain whenever i can, especially when i’m taking public transportation.

When creating feels forced what do you do to get things flowing again?

There’s a proverb in Chinese literally means “ Do not force a cow to eat grass when it doesn’t want to ”. It’s the same when there’s obstacle in the middle of your creative process. However, take my mother’s advice : “ Go take a pee, drink a cup of water and come back to work ”. It works ( fingers crossed )

What have been some of the greatest breakthroughs you’ve experienced within your learning as an artist? (Those moments that have opened up whole new creative avenues or that have led to you taking large leaps forward in your development?)

The moment when my professor offering me an opportunity to be part of the team to make a Chinese New Year animation for New Taipei City’s government. I always think that i’ll never get any offers in making animation but this opportunity encourages me and makes me believe that i can do more than just design and illustration. It always feels great when you can be part of a big project.

Any artists (new or old) that have been inspiring you as of late?

I always admire Dali’s craziness. Van gogh is always one of my favourite artists I admire, respect and love the most. However, there’s only ONE artist that actually inspired me in art is Dulk. It’s my dream to work for him or even work with him one day in the future.

What do you look for in art of others? What would you hope people look for in your work?

I like when people can do something that never pops out in my mind or something, we all like surprises! I like details as well, that is what make a piece attractive. I don’t like to tell people what my work is unless they want to know, because telling people the meaning is limiting them to think whatever they want. Different cultural background, past and story make a person thinks differently, so i prefer to let people look whatever they want in my work, as long as they enjoy it.

Are you ever satisfied with your work?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. However, it’s funny because when you are satisfied with your work, it turns out your audiences aren’t. But you always hear good news from works you are not satisfied with. Though i am not satisfied with some of my works, but all i can do is to love it, because you have no right to expect your audience to love your works when you can’t even love your works.

What are some of your favourite places or things in Taiwan?

Mountain, public transportation and how small Taiwan is. Also, a bunch of cool friends i’ve met here.

What’s next?

I’ll continue creating pieces from my sunny studio, rushing around with the sturdiest umbrella I can find, and looking for gallery representation. I’m starting the process of getting my MFA soon, and always have pieces available on my Etsy store .